Szemerédy Judit About Me
My name is Judit Szemerédy. I was born in Budapest. At the moment I work in Budapest and London. My attraction to drawing and painting was already apparent in early childhood. My parents and teachers, seeing my talent recommended me into Tamás Mór’s art workshop, as a member of which I won several drawing competitions and prizes. After finishing my high school studies I took a short trip to the University of Industrial Design, following which I participated in a group exhibition in Austria. I organized my first exhibition in 2006 in the Barbakán room of the Klebensberg Cultural Centre. Following this I moved to London for a couple of years to create and learn the English language, then I moved onto Italy. Due to the effects of the inspirations that affected me here, I returned with pictures different from my usual style. My works can be found in several private collections from 1996 to present day.

“The soul is a kind of intrusion, if it is deep enough it hinders the other” Art too is a kind of intrusion, communication with the soul. It gives reflections to the world about the age we live in. Where are we? Where is our world going? Or are these just the precedents continuing on in their unperceivable cycles? What is the present like today? Are we lost?

I try to dig down to the foundations… Perhaps, we need to clear up some basic concepts, value certain basic values. Today the digital world view controls the media and scientific results. With the push of the Enter button a decision is validated instantly. Slowly, books, images, values disappear… The touchable, the visually “tangible” beauty disappears…

For example, for the title of one of my earlier exhibitions, I chose the elements. The original elements, but not only the primary, but the higher, philosophically understood elements. Have you ever thought about, that one of the original elements is the concept of I? But which I? One of my works showcases the duality of human nature, but perhaps it also encompasses the duality of our souls. An extension of the higher I. I search for duality, I transpose and compose good and bad, positive and negative, black and white, perception with reality, feminine and masculine. Jin and Jang, will we find internal balance, harmony? I flee from the globalised reality of the 21st century. I am searching for things that are constant, for the center, for the motionless axis of the swirling whirlpool, the solid calm center of the soul. I encompass the symbols (or elements) of ancient cultures in my works as a message, which surprisingly is perceived instantly, regardless of age, sex and social standing. I created my 2006 exhibit around the concept of telling a story from alpha to omega…from birth to death, from creation to destruction…a never-ending cycle. My works do not contain any static, geometric formations, everything is moving, waving, swirling.

The merging of the three colors and the material border the frame, since I worked with Indian ink and acrylic on special paper, as an experiment I tried this technique on canvas a couple of years ago, a surface which I find more pleasing and more persistent. My studies abroad and my experiences there influenced my present style considerably, which I would like to showcase as part of an exhibition within this year.